Geeta Pearson en las sesiones de la cisterna de Can Monroig

La cantante canadiense Geeta Pearson en las sesiones de la cisterna de Can Monroig.

On April 5th and 6th, Montreal artist Geeta will perform in Can Monroig in Inca.
She is starting her European tour in Spain and will present her new EP titled Lightbulb which will be available in the summer 2014.
This independent production written and created by Geeta offers poetic and cinematographic landscapes.
Inspired by her imagination, metamorphosis, desire, space and time, she uses her unique voice to carry along the audience into deeper horizons.
Her intensity and unique tone is felt in her songs which reminds us of a certain Bjork and Lhasa meeting Patti Smith.
Geeta will present an intimate show with her keyboard, voice pedals and some electronic sounds and effects. A magical performance is guaranteed.

Can Monroig, Inca, Mallorca.
Abril 2014.
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